The Global Shark Attack File (GSAF) encourages our members and visitors to participate in our shark/human interaction research. Although we have investigators situated around the world, attack locations are not always accessible to our field support staff. If you would like to report an incident to the GSAF please use one of these four methods:

•  Send an email to the GSAF at

•  Contact the Regional GSAF investigator in the area of the incident.

•  Download the detailed GSAF Questionnaire for male or female  (PDF files)
   complete, and mail it to:
   GSAF,  P.O. Box 40,  Princeton,  NJ 08542,  USA

Or email it to:        
   Or Phone:(609) 921-3522

•  Complete the short form, and click the submit button.

The GSAF appreciates your interest and participation in our shark/human interaction research programs.

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