Listed below are names and email addresses of GSAF field investigators.

These individuals are authorized to gather data for forensic analysis of shark incidents on behalf of the Global Shark Attack File.

To contact an investigator, click on their name.


Ralph Collier - Director

C. J. Hartley, M.D. - Deputy Director

Melissa Michaelson -

Andrew Currie -



Geremy Cliff
- KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Jean Pierre Botha - Western Cape Province, South Africa



Dr. Anna Loch Wilkinson - Queensland, Australia

Blake Chapman, Ph.D. - Queensland, Australia

Bob Myatt - New South Wales, Australia

Jason Wilhelm - New South Wales, Australia

Dr. Terry Peake - Western Australia

Simon De Marchi - South Australia

Christopher Black - Tasmania, Australia

Richard Weeks - New Zealand



Christofer Eksander - Sweden

Chris Moore - England

Dr. Alessandro De Maddalena - Italy & Adriatic Sea

Renzo Roccon - Italy, Croatia & Adriatic Sea

Alex Buttigieg - Malta



Commander Arun Patil - Goa


Rex DeSilva - Madapatha



Ralph Collier - Regional Director, Pacific Coast, North America

Scott Petersohn - Florida (Volusia County)

Brandyn Gartelman - Gulf Coast

Sean Mellott - Oregon

Scott Stephens - Northern California

Matthew Heimbach, DMD - Connecticut to Maine and NE Canada

Scott Curatolo-Wagemann - New York

Richard M. Fernicola, M.D. - New York / New Jersey

David R. Baldwin - Maryland and Virginia

Clay Creswell - North & South Carolina

Theresa A. Craig - Texas

Jeffrey McAllister -

Ron Babington -

Johannes Marchand -


P. M. Lopez - Brazil (Pernambuco)

Arturo Velez, M.D. - Colombia
Daniel Ramirez - Venezuela



Marie Levine - Curator

Joseph Ricci, M.D. - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Gordon Hubbell - Forensics

Simon De Marchi - Forensics

Vincent Canabal, M.D. - Emergency Room Physician

Skyler Thomas - Field Researcher/videographer

Raymond Ferrara - Technical Advisor

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  • If you have attempted to contact a field investigator and received no response within 24 hours, it may indicate that individual is in the field. In such cases, contact and another investigator will respond.
  • If you would like to become a GSAF case investigator, please send an email to .and attach your resume as a PDF or Word file.
  • The GSAF also provides consultants for the media, resort operations and manufacturers, and expert witnesses for legal proceedings. For GSAF consultant fees, contact


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